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  • Trim Optimization
  • Resource Allocation Models
  • Block Scheduling

  • Paper Machines
  • Rewinders
  • Extruders
  • Cutters/Sheeters
  • Carloading

  • Pre Trimtm Planning/Early Warning System
  • Micro Trimtm Production Scheduling
  • FloorTrimtm for Upset Conditions
  • Matrixsm for Small Mills

 Now announcing Micro Trimtm with a Trim Optimization Interface to SAP
 Built with Decision Assisttm Technology
 matrix32 for all Windows versions thru Windows 7

"If we can't deliver better solutions we don't deserve your business"

The Matrix price guarantee!

Show us a valid price quote (installation, customization, licensing, training, and annual maintenance) for any competing trim product and we guarantee that we will provide you with a comparable trim system at a lower overall price. We are also willing to prove the superiority of our trim solutions by benchmarking against the competing product at no charge.


Matrix is now offering a 30-day free trial for any of our products. This is a "No strings attached" absolutely free trial for 30 days. See if we don't provide you with significant savings before you even consider buying. 

 New pricing for Matrix system!

Matrix is now offering new price options for our Small Mill system. This product is a simple, easy to use system designed for small mills having one or two paper machines. 

Option 1: Pay a small price per trim with a capped monthly rate. Once the total charges for a month reach the agreed upon cap, all additional trim runs are free of charge. Ideal for a mill which does sporadic scheduling, perhaps as many as 50 or more trim runs one month and as few as 10 runs the next. 

Option 2:Pay a flat monthly rate for unlimited usage. Includes setup, customization, future upgrades, and unlimited tech support at no additional cost. This is a site license and the software may be loaded on multiple computers at no extra charge.  

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