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  • Carloading

  • Pre Trimtm Planning/Early Warning System
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  • FloorTrimtm for Upset Conditions
  • Matrixsm for Small Mills

 Now announcing Micro Trimtm with a Trim Optimization Interface to SAP
 Built with Decision Assisttm Technology
 matrix32 for all Windows versions thru Windows 7

"During the last 45 years we have seen more schedules generated under more conditions than anyone in the industry."



Matrix has recently developed an interface to SAP SCM 5.0.  This version provides seamless integration with SAP's trim optimization interface.  With this feature, Trim Optimization becomes an integral part of the planning and production process flows.

Matrix has participated in the evolution of computer assisted trim optimization and scheduling for 45 years. Our first installations were run on remote time-sharing systems that took 30 minutes or more to solve simple problems. Our new installations run on workstations that solve complex problems in seconds.

Matrix systems have always been designed to give the scheduler an effective way to look at multiple solutions. The flexible solution techniques in our systems give schedulers a better tool to deal with the complexities of their daily task. And now, we are able to advance that philosophy even farther.

During the last 45 years we have seen more schedules generated under more conditions than anyone in the industry. In the past, hardware performance made it impractical to take full advantage of our knowledge; that is no longer a constraint.

matrix32 is the accumulation of 45 years of experience, knowledge and unique scheduling algorithms gained and developed as an independent supplier to the Pulp and Paper and Film Industries.

matrix32 provides the scheduler with a new multi-thread model that automatically seeks the best solutions for each order set being scheduled. The system evaluates alternative schedules and then displays up to seven for the scheduler to select from.

matrix32 includes all our features for managing the order set, and manually adjusting schedules. For special conditions that do not lend themselves to multi-thread technology, the system includes standard models.

matrix32 includes a "learning" database. The system will periodically evaluate recent history and, if necessary, modify the model to adapt for any changes in order patterns and mixes.

matrix32 provides the best scheduling alternative in the market today.

  • Breakthrough modeling technology
  • Intuitive operation
  • New graphic displays
  • Stable architecture
  • Committed customer support

Give us a call and we'll be happy to run benchmarks for any scheduling problems you send us. And if you want, we'll set up an onsite demonstration. Don't wait, in today's markets, efficient and flexible scheduling is no longer a luxury.


The Block Scheduling system provides visibility into paper machine usage across mills. It provides a graphical representation of time lines and allocated and assigned tons by machine.

Features include:

  • Visual represenation of blocks by grade/product
  • Available machine capacities by grade/product
  • Machine usage by date/time
  • Customer order distribution
  • Interfaces with Matrix Trim system for ease of scheduling

The Block Scheduling is invaluable in assisting with order fullfillment in a timely manner.  On-site demonstrations, using your data, are available; call for more information.


The carloading system can help reduce manufacturing/distribution costs and maximize customer service. Evaluating the multiple tradeoffs involved is fast and easy; assuring you of the best schedule for any operating conditions, especially those caused by last minute changes. Carloading has been designed with the flexibility necessary to work with this complex problem.

Features include:

  • Specify vehicle type and characteristics
  • Tie orders together in same shipment
  • Multiple vehicles and loads per order(s)
  • Assign inventory rolls as part of shipment
  • Set priority sizes and quantities for loads
  • Evaluate tradeoffs:
    • Trim loss
    • Patterns/Slitter changes
    • Vehicle ship weights
    • Order priority/load continuity

Carloading generates significant benefits, both tangible and intangible. Add MATRIX support, which is unconditional, and you have a combination which assures success. On-site demonstrations, using your data, are available; call for more information.


matrix Microtrim for Small Mills

The Matrix system for small mills is desgined for small mills having one or two machines and has a simplified, easy to use interface.  Customers can choose either a "pay as you go" option or a flat monthly rate for unlimited use.  Call for more information or to schedule a demo.


Technical Highlights

Application integration is simple and flexible with matrix32 based systems. They operate on workstations running the Microsoft Windows® operating system and utilize Microsoft Visual Basic® (VB) for the user interface. They use Microsoft Access® for the active database, which facilitates availability of work files to user developed internal reporting systems. Data transfer between the users production management system can be handled in any way that the user specifies.

System algorithms (scheduling engines) are written in a mix of Fortran and VB. The decision between languages is based on its effect on execution speed.

Simple uncluttered displays that focus on the task at hand are in our opinion the best. Graphics can always provide a "WOW" factor for demonstrations; however, matrix32 based systems use graphics where it directly improves user effectiveness. As always, our design philosophy is focused on the schedulers and how to give them tools that let them find the best solutions for their mills. That is why our graphics are localized in the schedule evaluation and adjustment functions.



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