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  • Trim Optimization
  • Resource Allocation Models
  • Block Scheduling

  • Paper Machines
  • Rewinders
  • Extruders
  • Cutters/Sheeters
  • Carloading

  • Pre Trimtm Planning/Early Warning System
  • Micro Trimtm Production Scheduling
  • FloorTrimtm for Upset Conditions
  • Matrixsm for Small Mills

 Now announcing Micro Trimtm with a Trim Optimization Interface to SAP
 Built with Decision Assisttm Technology
 matrix32 for all Windows versions thru Windows 7


Experience, industry knowledge and commitment always make a difference. Matrix has 45 years experience supplying scheduling systems to the paper industry, and we have always provided complete, cost effective support. We have focused our energy on that market, developed a family of applications for many different operating environments, and we make sure our systems stay current with our customers' requirements. In today's language it's called partnership and we have always worked that way.

Under our leasing program, system changes are covered, including on-site visits when required. We make sure we understand your requirements and objectives (all our key personnel have extensive industry experience). Then we tailor the system to fit you. After installation, our service and support are unconditional. If you have a problem or need a change, and we can't handle it over the phone, we'll send someone to your site immediately. We also keep your systems current by continually investing in research and development; you always have the best tools available.

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